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Today's families are busy juggling work, school, chores and many other activities.  This lifestyle makes it hard to prepare and sit down for healthy, relaxing dinners together at home.  So why not have delicious meals cooked by a chef, in one day, in your own home?
Chef Joanne, formerly of Jean Georges, Asia de Cuba, the Boathouse and the Russian Tea Room will come to your home each week and create 4 star meals right in you own kitchen.

Select from an extensive menu, conveniently order from Fresh Direct and let me do the rest!  No more "Chinese or Pizza?" No more long lines to buy over cooked, under seasoned steam-table food on the way home for disappointing meals.  Think about the cost in cash and calories each time you order from the coffee shop on the corner and the wait with grub hub! Did you really want the fries???? 
Just add a salad and a glass of wine and enjoy a delicious supper at night with the ones you love.

I can accommodate most dietary needs.

kosher/shabbat suppers


gluten free

heart healthy

Just name it, I'll cook it! 

- Stuffed Chicken Breasts

- Steaks

- Chops

- Exquisite Sauces

- Fish

- Pastas

- Casseroles

-fresh veggies 

- Salads

- Juicy Roasts
- Kid Stuff

- Soups

- Vegetarian

- Whole Grain

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               Superbly Crafted Meals Prepared by a 4 Star Chef Right In Your Own Kitchen!
just give me one day in your kitchen, and I'll free up your whole week!
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